The Spirit of Use

The success of any wiki is purely a result of the participation of its users. Because of this The Patriot Woodwiki is an open wiki, meaning anyone can create and edit a wiki page, upload files, and share videos. In exchange for this wiki being open to all users, registered or un-registered, we expect our wiki to be used and experienced with the spirit of sharing, learning, and creating for the next generation to come.

Please use this wiki to better our future and industry in woodworking. Help us advance this knowledge base of woodworking related topics, subjects, and materials for future woodworkers. The true spirit of a wiki, is sharing, so please share, and respect this space called The Patriot Woodwiki.

What you can share

  • You can share your knowledge as you know it by creating wiki pages, and others can edit your pages to help grow the subject.
  • This is a collaborative project where all content is free and available for the public.
  • You may submit your own original works, and you may submit copyrighted material with the permission of the originator of such material.
  • This knowledge base of content is completely open, all content in our repository can be copied, shared, and used in any manner the user deems appropriate as long as the use is in line with common decency and in the spirit of sharing, learning and creating.
  • Please research your projects carefully and diligently, post only meaningful articles and images and files, and name all your files appropriately before uploading to our database.
  • If you don't want your media or text entries edited mercilessly or copied and used else where, please do not post it here.
  • Above all, contribute, edit, and collaborate with boldness! Others can always come in behind you and clean up, verify, reference and add! Just have fun!

The Golden Rules

Really there are only two Golden Rules in wiki'ing.

Be Bold! Be bold in your editing, be bold in your page creation, be bold in accepting others editing of your own personal work, and be bold in referencing and checking the facts.

Be Creative! When creating your wiki research pages, don't be shy, be creative in your page appearance, layout, and be sure to use the many plugins this software has to offer. For a full list of plugins please see TikiWiki Plugins. If you see a plugin that you are interested in that we are not currently using, please contact us via the Contact Us page and request the plugin be activated.

Creating and editing a wiki should be fun, since you cannot really damage a wiki page you should not worry if you are going to make a mistake or erroneously delete something that cannot be retrieved. The reason is that all wiki pages have a history, a history of edits and changes that can be recalled and re-established as a page. So if you accidentally destroy a wiki page, no worries! We can simply revert the prior page back to its former glory.

So, create, edit, and just have fun!


As far as content goes, the sky is the limit! You can create in depth research pages about anything related to woodworking. You may also choose to upload an image or two just because you want to, and you can give each image a caption and brief, or lengthy description. You may upload files of any type, from machinery wiring schematics to pdf's of woodworking plans, to sound files and recordings.
The pages you create will be a living breathing page on your subject. The page will be open and editable by anyone who comes across it. So we can all benefit from the knowledge and depth of experience from people of all walks of life who have an interest in our woodworking industry, crafts, and trade.

For some ideas of research projects for you to create, please see the list below:

  • A research page on the Powermatic machinery company.
  • A research page on an individual woodworker of notable history, how about a page about the life of Tage Frid?
  • A research page on a specific species of wood.
  • A research page about "The Woodworking Shows" and the creation of the shows and the folks behind the production.
  • A research page on a Stanley hand plane.
  • A research page on a specific education program for woodworkers.
  • A research page on a retailer, how about a page all about "Woodcraft"?
  • A research page on the production of IKEA furnishings or the history of IKEA.
  • A research page on the ships the colonists sailed in to discover the New World, after all the Mayflower was made of wood!

As you can see the sky is the limit, our wiki is open for anything related to wood. If your subject involves the medium of wood, then it's allowed in this wiki.


Before you create any projects in this wiki, be sure to visit our Sand Box page, you can create, edit, and play to your hearts content. You will gain a brief familiarization with the tools available before you create your first wiki project. How excellent is that!

So, with the above points in mind, create, edit, collaborate, and have a wonderful wiki day!