United States of America State Trees

state tree map
State Tree Map
For the United States of America, the state trees are symbols of pride from the West Coast to the East Coast and from the southern coastal shores and borders of the south to the northern border along the country of Canada, and to the Hawaiian Islands.

The concept of State Trees originated in 1893 as states were a relatively fresh idea. While at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago a women's congress suggested a "National Garland of Flowers" made of flowers representing each state.
Inhabitants from each state were to chose their state flower that reflected that part of the US of which they came from. The choices were then adopted by state legislators.

The idea was a success and soon after other natural treasures were adopted into each state as representations, state flowers, state fish, state birds, and more.1
Except for Hawaii, all the designated state trees are native to their land.


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