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You are viewing the "State Trees" section from the book title "American Woods" by Shelley E. Schoonover. The table below is a representation of our states official and or adopted trees from the publish date of 1951.

You may notice that the state of Alaska is not represented in the table below, since statehood was approved by Congress on July 7, 1958. Alaska was officially proclaimed a state on January 3, 1959.
Also Hawaii is not included in the states list below, statehood was granted on August 21, 1959, 8 years after the publishing of American Woods.

Legend and Definitions
"Spp." is the abbreviation for "species." It means that the author is referring to all species in that given genus. Often it is also used when the author doesn't know the specific species but knows that it is in a certain genus; i.e., there are many plants in the genus Salvia, and they can all be lumped together in Salvia spp.1

(a) Officially designated by legislative action.
(b) Selected by popular vote of the people or unofficially recognized.
(c) Prominent tree growing within the State.


  • Shelley E. Schoonover (American Woods) 1951 (Watling & Co. ) Santa Monica, CA 

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