Lie Nielsen No. 6

Lie Nielsen No. 6

Reference: No. 6 Fore Plane. https://www.lie-nielsen.com/product/standard-bench-planes-no.-6-fore-plane-. Accessed 16 Nov. 2018.


Common name: Fore plane
Size: No. 6
Bed length: 18"
Blade width: 2-3/8"
Knob & Tote material: Wood
Body Type: Metal
Corrugated sole: No
Patent date(s):
Category: Fore Plane


This No. 6 Fore Plane is sized between a Jack and Jointer, and designed after the Stanley Bedrock series of hand planes.
The Lie Nielsen No. 6 Fore Plane is a direct descendant of Stanley's No. 606 Fore Plane (1894-1941) in the Bedrock style and mechanics.


The Fore Plane is used to further flatten the surface after the Jack has sized it, the length of the Fore allows the plane to skim off the high spots of the surface and bring the wood down to flat.
The Fore Plane is typically the last step in the flattening process before the Smoothing plane is used.

Care and maintenance

Lie Nielsen recommends an "occasional light sanding with 320 grit or finer wet/dry paper on a flat surface will keep the sole in as-new condition. Tools with Iron bodies should be kept lightly oiled or waxed to prevent rust." 1
For the oil Lie Nielsen recommends Jojoba Oil which is a vegetable oil based product.
Also recommended is "A light oiling on the threaded rod, the Brass adjuster nut and the lateral blade adjustment lever will keep them moving freely." 1



Lie Nielsen Manual on Sharpening


Lie Nielsen Tools Works (No. 6 Fore Plane)


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