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Welcome to the Glossary page where the main glossaries are bundled together to form a structure of sorts. Click on any of the links below and you'll be directed to the associated "Glossary" category.
Our Glossaries are in their primal stage, there is still much more to do and add in order to create a robust information system of woodworking terminology. We hope you will help us grow our database of information related to the craft, trades and art that is woodworking.


While reading through the glossaries, you can also edit and add terminology and help build our wiki. A good frame of reference while editing the glossaries is to see how the other entries are created, labeled and presented.
Another great way to get accustomed to the features in this wiki is to start small, by performing spelling corrections, punctuation, and grammar. Then as you become comfortable making minor edits you'll be able to grow your knowledge and become comfortable as an editor.

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