English Walnut

The National Champion Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) on Sauvie Island, Oregon.
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Latin (group) name: Juglans
Latin (specific) name: Juglns Regia Linneaus
Average max height: 50'
Average diameter: 8" to 20"
Associated state: none
Category: American Woods
The Hardwoods - Broadleafs

The Tree

The English Walnut was imported from Persia and extensively planted for nut production. Several excellent varieties have been developed to produce large soft-shelled, sweet-meated nuts. It is not a large tree, attaining a height of only 50 feet and a trunk diameter of 8 to 20 inches. The trunk is short, and the branches spread gracefully to give the tree a wide crown and symmetrical shape. The leaves and young twigs when crushed give off a pungent aromatic odor. The bark of young trees is smooth and ashy-white or silver-gray in color, while the bark of the old mature trees is a dark muddy-brown, ridged and furrowed, having characteristics somewhat similar to the Black Walnut of the eastern States. The shell of the nut is shallowly and irregularly grooved, separating easily into halves from which the large delicious kernel is easily extracted. This nut is a favorite delicacy throughout the country, and walnut culture has grown to very large economic proportions. The tree is cultivated in groves, but is a favorite tree in the home orchard as well. It is a rapid-growing and rather short lived tree.

english walnut nut and pod
English Walnut nut and pod
english walnut tree bark
English Walnut tree bark
english walnut foliage
English Walnut foliage

Growth Range

As a cultivated nut tree, the English Walnut is found along the Pacific Coast from Washington to Lower California. It is perhaps at its best in Ventura County, in southern California. Another species, the California Walnut, is a low tree usually branching at or near the base into several trunks. It is found only in coastal southern California in the foothills and valleys.

The Wood

The wood of English Walnut is moderately coarse grained, frequently cross-grained with a beautiful figure, rich in color. It is heavy, not especially strong, rather tough and irregular in texture. The heartwood is a grayish-brown, much lighter in color than the Black Walnut and more the color of Butternut. The sapwood is rather narrow and a pale cream color. Only short lumber is available because of the short, stubby trunk but beautiful burl veneers are produced, and many very pleasing figures are found in the sawed lumber.

walnut slab
English Walnut slab by Cook Woods


English Walnut is far more valuable for its nuts than for wood. The wood is of little if any commercial importance except for veneers, for which it is available in only limited quantities. The wood is used also to a limited extent for novelties and cabinet work because of its good working qualities and handsome color.

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