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Horizontal Log Band Mill (Carpentry And Joinery, 1925)
Horizontal Log Band Mill (Carpentry And Joinery, 1925)

1Material processing, the series of operations that transforms industrial materials from a raw-material state into finished parts or products. Industrial materials are defined as those used in the manufacture of “hard” goods, such as more or less durable machines and equipment produced for industry and consumers, as contrasted with disposable “soft” goods, such as chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and apparel.

Materials processing by hand is as old as civilization; mechanization began with the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, and in the early 19th century the basic machines for forming, shaping, and cutting were developed, principally in England. Since then, materials-processing methods, techniques, and machinery have grown in variety and number.

Welcome to the Material Processing category, Please use this category for your research projects pertaining to the processes included in the manipulation and changing of the main medium of wood. The projects that may be included in this category are related to the machinery, tools and products that are used to form and shape and finish the wood. For example you may want to create a page for a specific type of tool or machine, powered by conventional means or by human power. You may also want to create a page related to a process in finishing the wood. The world of tools, machinery and finishing are vast and expansive, please research your subject diligently and reference all sources and name all files and images appropriately before uploading to our server.

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