College of the Redwoods

College of the Redwoods

The north entry of the College of the Redwoods a public two-year community college located in Eureka, California which leads to the Humboldt Botanical Gardens.
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Type: Community college 
Established: Date established 
President: Keith Snow-Flamer 
Academic staff: Number of full time staff, number of part time staff 
Students: 2013-2014 academic year head count: 7494 students 
Location: The main campus is located at 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd. Eureka, CA 95501 
Campus: Acres, size, rural, suburban, urban, number of buildings etc 
Website URL: http://www.redwoods.edu/ 
Logo: The official logo for College of the Redwoods


1 College of the Redwoods is a community college that offers tecnical and academic education. The college offers a wide variety of learning opportunities accessible by campus attendance and online classes along with other distance education options.

College of the Redwoods awards their graduates with Associate of Arts and Associates of Science degrees and a wide variety of certification and vocational programs for professional development.

The college is an accredited two-year institution with articulation agreements with major four-year universities.

Curriculum specialties

College of the Redwoods offers a wide array of educational opportunities in many fields of employment and study. To see the full list of academic departments see this page at Academic Departments.
Yet more closely related to the woodworking trades, arts and crafts industry, College of the Redwoods offers the Fine Furniture program as seen at College of the Redwoods Fine Furniture.
Also closely related to woodworking yet more related to the commercial area of the woodworking industry is the Carpentry and Woodworking program.

Satellite campuses

Del Norte Education Center
Garberville Instructional Site
Klamath-Trinity Instructional Site
Eureka Downtown


2In 1964 The Redwoods Community College District was formed by election of the voters of Humboldt County. A $3,600,000 bond was passed for the initial construction of the college's Eureka Campus.

"From 1965-1967, the college offered courses and programs on the campus of Eureka High School. More than 1800 students registered at the College in 1965-66. The initial staff of the college consisted of 31 full-time faculty and administrative staff and approximately 85 part-time faculty."

"In May of 1975, the residents of coastal Mendocino County voted for annexation into the Redwoods District, and in July of 1978, Del Norte County joined the district."

"The initial construction of the college’s Eureka Campus, seven miles south of the city of Eureka, began in 1968 and was completed in 1975. The Del Norte Education Center in Crescent City was constructed in 1981; and the Mendocino Education Center, just south of Fort Bragg, was constructed in 1986. The college also maintains the Klamath-Trinity Instructional Site on the Hoopa Indian Reservation, approximately 60 miles northeast of Eureka and the Garberville Instructional Site, approximately 70 miles south of Eureka."


2"College of the Redwoods puts student success first by providing outstanding developmental, career technical, and transfer education. The College partners with the community to contribute to the economic vitality and lifelong learning needs of its service area. We continually assess student learning and institutional performance and practices to improve upon the programs and services we offer."


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Notable alumni


Notable staff

James Krenov
Jim Budlong

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College of the Redwoods, North Entry
College of the Redwoods, North Entry


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